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Install the softphone on your computer. Run the X-lite application and wait for the softphone to display on your screen. Click Softphone → Account Settings …. The SIP Account dialog box opens. Xlite VOIP Right click on X-Lite application and select SIP Account Settings. Xlite/Bria Set Display Name, User Name and Authorization user name as your VoIPtalk ID.

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Откройте установленный софт-фон X-lite и нажмите в левом верхнем углу кнопку Softphone -> Account settings. Откроется окно с настройками sip-аккаунта. В качестве User ID водим SIP Логин из Настроек для подключения. В поле Domain вводим адрес для подключения... Xlite/Bria Softphone Setup Guide Right click on X-Lite application and select SIP Account Settings.To retrieve your SIP password go to your account page and click on your VoIPtalk ID. Set Domain as voiptalk.org Set Send outbound proxy via proxy and set address to nat.voiptalk.org:5065 Press OK and press Close. How To Configure X-Lite – Hosted Dialer Learning Center

"SIP Password" "Auth Username" "Username" "Domain" "Outbound Proxy" You can find this information in the user detail pages under the "Users" tab in the "Phone Configuration" section. Step 2: Configure your Xlite software settings. When you first load the device you'll be informed there is no account information and provided a link to set up ... Set up a Third Party SIP Phone | MightyCall Support Portal Set up a Third Party SIP Phone. MightyCall allows you to make and receive calls from your computer using a third Party SIP Phone. Note: this feature is available for the Standard and Ultimate plans. How do I get my connection details? Before you set up your softphone, you first must register a new personal contact and get your connection ... X-Lite for Windows User Guide - VanillaSoft X-Lite for Windows User Guide 5 2.3 Configuring X-Lite Setting up Accounts After obtaining SIP account information from your VoIP service provider, you can set up X-Lite accounts. Set up the SIP Account 1. When the softphone appears, click the Go to Account Settings link. The SIP Account window appears. 2. In the Account tab, complete the User ... X-Lite (Windows & Mac OS) – sipgate basic Help

“When you run the Xten X-Lite softphone for the first time, you will see a pop-up window called SIP Accounts. Click on Add… to add your SIP account. Under Domain Proxy, please check Register with domain and receive incoming calls. Under Send outbound via:, please select proxy and put domain2:5062 as Address.” Configure x-lite | Localphone Configure x-lite. X-Lite is a free SIP-based softphone that lets you make and receive calls on your PC or Mac. This guide describes how to configure your X-Lite installation to work with your Localphone account. You can find your SIP registration details under the Internet Phone section of your Localphone Dashboard. Configure X-Lite X-Lite Softphone Configuration. To configure X-Lite for OfficeSIP Server, do the following: 1). Select SIP Account Settings from X-Lite's menu 2). Click Add button Xlite/Bria Softphone Setup Guide - VoIPtalk